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Revala was chosen as SIAL China Innovation FINALIST with our ice cream powder - TOP 10!

Estonian exporter of ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder blends

Revala Ltd is interested in training talented people from various countries to promote sales worldwide

Inactive Dry Brewer`s Yeast

Inactive Dry Brewer´s Yeast is an ecologically clean product and rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially B- and E- group. Dry Yeast is used for human and animal consumption. Inactive Dry Brewer´s Yeast is an excellent, low-cost food supplement for aging adults and growing developing children. B vitamins, DNA and RNA, and chromium are found in Dry Yeast. Because its characteristic flavor notes and enhancing properties, it can be used to add fermentation or cheese flavor notes. It is also useful in providing texture and nutrition to vegetarian dishes and nutritional supplement. It is typically used then at 2-6% in finished product.