For both HoReCa and home usage!

Milkshakes come in 12 flavours: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, melon, pineapple, coconut, caramel, banana, peach, mango, yogurt, chocolate-hazelnut and also without flavour. We can prepare more flavours on customers’ request.

How to use the milkshake powder (recommendation):
1. Dissolve 1kg of powder in 2l of cold water and 1l of cold milk
2. Stir well until the mix is completely dissolved
3. Shake it and preferably cool it down
4. Enjoy!

From 1 kg of powder can be produced over 4l of milkshake.


Product Category
Factories, HoReCa, Retail

Shelf life
24 months

Package size
0.5kg, 1kg, 25kg bags

Contains lactose?

Contains gluten?


Milkshake powder is creamy/white colored product, with neutral taste and smell, consists skimmed milk powder, coconut fat powder and stabilizer.


Used for making milkshake base at home or in a cafe (in any HoReCa sector) or for production of milkshake in industrial way.

In case of interest please contact Revala Ltd 


The composition of the product allows it to substitute for full cream milk powder or fresh milk to combine your favorite milk drink. 

For factories and HoReCa sector makes easier to manage production – no need to administer different products to get desired product – choose the one base and comine any flavored milk yourself!





Loading info

Loading onto FIN pallets (100cm x 120cm):
25kg bags we load max 1500kg per FIN pallet
20″ container – max 15MT on FIN pallets
40″ container – max 25MT on FIN pallets