About Revala

Revala OÜ was founded in 1990. as a provider of raw milk supply and logistics services for the dairy industry. 1990. At the end of the years, when the dairy industry did not need separate service providers, we launched our original line of milk-based powder mixes and started independent trading. Since then, we have developed a reliable network of suppliers and customers from all over the world.

Our main goal on export markets is to offer cost-saving alternatives to milk and skimmed milk powder, while maintaining the quality of the final product. At home, we have a unique line of ice cream powders and we want to offer our customers more than just a high-quality product – also a special / memorable emotion that brings them back to us again and again!

Ice cream powder

As a rapidly growing company, we are still open and flexible regarding our customers’ needs and information exchange, offering unique, customer-specific product solutions that meet strict food safety standards and regulatory requirements. In doing so, our goal is to continuously develop the food safety management system.

In 2023, we established a new and modern production unit, in the creation of which we have applied our 30 years of experience and are constantly improving our work organization and skills. We consider it important to have fast and immediate information movement within the company within our team.

Our products

The product range offered by Revala OÜ is made of well-chosen high-quality raw materials. Revala’s wide range of products includes ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder mixes for the food industry, HoReCa sector and domestic consumers. A special range of products is designed for vegans.

Revala’s selection of ice cream powders is primarily aimed at catering companies (HoReCa sector) and domestic consumers.

For catering establishments, we offer soft ice cream mixes (about 10 different flavors available, in addition to being available as a vegan product) and a separate mix for the gelato-type machine, which each restaurant and café can season and/or decorate or leave as a plombiri, as the original mix is.

There is also a separate mix for roll ice cream – this unflavored so-called plombier, which can also be turned into a unique experience during the preparation of ice cream using various additives!

The domestic consumer can feel like an ice cream master – it doesn’t matter if there is an ice cream machine / cold bowl at home or not. Separately, the product is for a homemade ice cream maker or a cold bowl, as well as for an ice cream maker without a real machine – that is, for mixing leftover flour.

For vegans, we have a separate selection of ice cream powders – for making with a mixer and a soft ice cream machine.

Milk based powder blends

We offer powdered milk mixes for both larger and smaller food manufacturing companies, as well as bakeries, large kitchens and catering establishments that use milk and fat or their combined mixture in the preparation of their dishes.

Milk-based powder mixes are great ingredients for making cookies, candy, chocolate, ice cream, milk-based desserts, milk-based drinks, dried soups, sauces and the like.

We offer creative powdered milk solutions to optimize the price formation of the final products, preserving quality and taste.

Professionalism, strict quality values and competence have contributed to our development, as well as the interest and trust of our customers in us. We also offer custom-made milk-based powder mixes according to customers’ recipes.

Ice cream powder