Ice cream
Cake base
  • 50 g butter
  • 100 g Digestive Cookies or Gingerbread
Layer of meringue
  • 3 egg whites (110 g)
  • 220 g of sugar
  • A pinch of citric acid


Step 1: Making an ice cream cake
  1. Line the bottom and edges of a fold-out cake tin with a diameter of 16-20 cm with baking paper.
  2. Crush the cookies and mix with the melted butter, then with a spoon evenly put the cookie mixture on the bottom of the mold and squeeze lightly. Place the cake tin on hold in the fridge.
  3. Mix 200 g of chocolate-flavored ice cream powder with 300 ml of cold coffee.A
  4. Put the mixture in the freezer for at least 60 minutes, then whisk with a mixer for 2-5 minutes until fluffy.
  5. Put the ice cream mixture in a cake tin and place in the freezer for 5-6 hours, even better overnight, because after all, the cake will go to the oven!
Step 2: Preparation of the meringue
  1. Add sugar to the egg white and heat the mixture in a water bath, stirring constantly, until it turns pale and the sugar is mostly dissolved.
  2. Then whisk with a mixer at full power until the first peaks are formed on the egg foam. Add citric acid or lemon juice and whisk the egg white until a mother-of-pearl luster and strong foam are formed.
Step 3: Quick Action
  1. Put the oven on top of 225-250 degrees warm. Find out the serving tray already.
  2. The meringue mass is ready when it is shiny and strong. Put the meringue mass in a pastry bag with a star’s tulle (cream blaster nozzle) at the end.
  3. Cover the baking sheet with baking paper.
  4. Take the ice cream cake from the freezer, take it out of the cake tin and remove the baking paper from the edges and place on a baking sheet.
  5. Squirt from a pastry bag or quickly spread the meringue with a spoon on the cake so that it is completely covered. Make sure that the cover also reaches the cookie base against the baking paper, no air holes must remain! You can use the back of a spoon to make tops for decorating the meringue (this is in case you did not use a pastry bag).
  6. Transfer the baking sheet to 250 degrees on the lower rail of the preheated oven.
  7. Bake for about 5 minutes until the meringue is lightly browned. Keep a close eye on what’s going on in the oven!
  8. When the meringue is lightly browned, take from the oven and serve immediately!