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Revala was chosen as SIAL China Innovation FINALIST with our ice cream powder - TOP 10!

Estonian exporter of ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder blends

Ice cream powder for HoReCa/factories

For factories (ice cream production) and HORECA sector (hotels, restaurants, cafes), where the ice cream is served.

We offer 12 different ice cream flavours: chocolate, strawberry,  vanilla, melon, pineapple, coconut, caramel, banana, peach, mango, yogurt, chocolate-hazelnut and also plain ice cream(without flavour). We can prepare more flavours on customers’ request.

The products are packed into 1kg (HoReCa sector), 25kg bags or big bags.

Ice cream powder blend is made of refined and hydrogenated vegetable oil on a dairy base. It is adapted for the supply of fat and milk powder in the manufacturing of soft and hard ice cream.

Soft Ice Cream:

1.Dissolve 1kg of powder in 2l of cold water

2.Stir well until the mix is completely dissolved

3.Pour the mix into ice cream machine

Hard Ice Cream: According to the machinery

From 1 kg of powder can be produced approximately 4-6l of ice cream, depending on the equipment used.

Shelf life: 24 months


VIDEO! How to prepare soft ice cream out of Revala's ice cream powder?