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  • Gulfood Innovation Awards 2021

    Gulfood Innovation Awards 2021

    Revala’s latest ice cream powder received high attention at the Gulfood 2021 fair, being nominated for the most innovative dairy product at the Gulfood Innovation Awards 2021!

    Revala reached the finals in the category of innovative dairy products, where our probiotic-enriched blackcurrant ice cream powder for mixer was successful.

    The acclaimed probiotic ice cream powder is prepared with the help of Estonian scientists. The probiotic added to the powder is produced in BioCCi OÜ in Tartu. Probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) are good for health and support immunity, for example, they also help prevent digestive problems.

    The fair had more than 3,000 participants, of which about 500 companies submitted their products to an innovation competition, where our ice cream powder reached the finals and was nominated among the four best dairy products.

    We are very proud and happy for the nomination! 🎉🥳