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Revala was chosen as SIAL China Innovation FINALIST with our ice cream powder - TOP 10!

Estonian exporter of ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder blends

Revala Ltd is interested in training talented people from various countries to promote sales worldwide

Training Program


Revala Ltd is an Estonian company, producer of ice cream powders for various uses: www.revala.eu . Revala Ltd is exporting its products to several countries in Africa, Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Russia. Revala Ltd is interested in training talented people from various countries to promote sales worldwide. For this purpose, Revala Ltd has developed a special program for its potential Regional Sales Managers.

Applicants, interested in becoming sales managers, move to Estonia, make an investment as required by the law, arrive to Estonia initially for up to two years for intensive training. Training will cover various aspects related to production, sales, management, law and other areas. During this period the candidate will be evaluated and in case of successful graduation, will be granted a position of Regional Sales Manager with the place of work in Estonia (together with other regional sales managers as a team).

The applicant will apply for the temporary residence permission (TRP) for 2 (two) years. Regional Sales Manager will apply for extension of TRP for 5 (five) years. Application for TRP is reviewed by the Government of Estonia.

The Regional Sales Manager is expected to be able to organize and manage sales of Revala Ltd products on the target territory from Estonia.

Training program

The program is prepared in cooperation with professionals from Araks (www.meeskonnakoolitus.ee), Law Firm Narlex (www.narlex.com) and Toastmasters Club of Tallinn (www.toastmasterstallinn.com). You will find the training program HERE.


Participation in the Program is financed by the applicant.

To participate in the Program, receive TRP and became Revala’s Regional Sales Manager, following costs should be considered: (1) investment of EUR 80000 (mainly into applicant’s own business in Estonia) and (2) expenses related to application of TRP- EUR 2000 (TRP expenses).

Investment will be initially paid to applicant’s own company, registered for him/her in Estonia. The investment will be used by applicant as follows: (1) EUR 5000.00 to Revala Ltd as part of TRP application process, (2) EUR 25000.00 to Revala Ltd upon receiving first TRP to cover costs of training and (3) EUR 50000.00 upon successful completion of the Program for goods of Revala for the resale by the Sales agent. IMPORTANT- applicant can use EUR 50000 to purchase Revala’s products at any other time during the program or, without participation in Revala Program.

The applicant will receive full legal support in the course of registration of the company, application for TRP and other related questions by legal professionals.

Contact details and information

For more details please contact Mr Andres Vinkel at andres.vinkel(at)narlex.com or Skype: andres.vinkel.