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Revala was chosen as SIAL China Innovation FINALIST with our ice cream powder - TOP 10!

Estonian exporter of ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder blends


Vegetable cream 26% “Decor” Vegan ice cream flavor 1l
with sugar
for whipping
This cream is very stable and perfect for decorating.
High-quality solid fats ensure the stability of the whipped cream even at the room temperature. This reduces the risk of damaging for ready cakes.
It doesn’t contain milk protein and suitable for making lactose free and vegan desserts.
Ready cakes with this cream can be frozen.
The cream is acid-resistant, it doesn’t curdle in interacting with acidic environments such as fruits, juice, jam.
The cream perfectly mixes with various basics: water, sugar syrup ets.
Sugar in the cream make the technological process of preparing desserts more easy.
The cream is white that allows it to be perfectly colored with all kinds of dyes and it’s easy to achieve the exact shade.
It doesn’t contain animal fats and cholesterol.
It has a profitable price and reduces the cost of ready meal.Nutritional value: fat-26 g, protein-0.0, carbohydrates-11.6 g, sugar content -13.5 g
Energy value / caloric value: 1160 kJ/ 280 kcal
Manufacture: Russia
Shelf life: 9 months
Storage conditions: at a temperature of +2… +20°C in a closed package. After opening the package store the product at a temperature of +6… +8°C for no more than 5 days
Package: 1 liter Tetra Pak package, 12 package in a box