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Revala was chosen as SIAL China Innovation FINALIST with our ice cream powder - TOP 10!

Estonian exporter of ice cream powders, milk powders and milk-based powder blends

Revala Ltd is interested in training talented people from various countries to promote sales worldwide

Skimmed Milk Powder with reduced protein – MILKY

Skimmed milk powder (SMP) with milk fat and reduced protein.
This product has a shelf life of 12 months. The product is creamy in color, with a milky taste and smell.
The composition of the product allows it to substitute for skimmed milk powder with no limits or problems. The products are free of GMO-s, antibiotics and inhibitory substances and contain no additives or neutralizers.

 Chemical and Microbiological
fat (max %)
protein (min %)1520253032
lactose (min %)6964595452
moisture (max %)44444
ash (max %)88888
Titratable acidity (max %)
Solubility (ml)
Scorched particles (disc)A and BA and BA and BA and BA and B
Bacterial count (max)50 000/gr50 000/gr50 000/gr50 000/gr50 000/gr
Coliforms 0,1/gnegativenegativenegativenegativenegative
Salmonella 25/gabsentabsentabsentabsentabsent